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Why Lease and not Buy?

The traditional way to have a car in the UK is to buy one. Have you considered what you are doing when you do?

1. You walk around show room after show room speaking to bias sales people who want to sell you their stock.
2. You then choose a car and pay for the whole of it over a number of years paying interest on whole loan on a depreciating asset.
3. Three or Four years later you then sell it for less than it value, to a sales person that wants to put you in the next car they have in their stock list, to then again repeat paying the process of paying interest on a depreciating asset.


Break the cycle.

1. Let Leasing Plus take the risk on the asset's worth after the 2, 3, 4 or 5 year period.
2. Only pay interest on the money you're borrowing EG between purchase price and end of term price
3. Always be in a modern car and keep your family safe in best hardware available.
4. Never worry about whether your engine is the up-to-date version that is OK to go into the City
5. No Balloon payments like you get with PCP

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