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Mileage Rebate

Mileage Rebates - Why Could This Make a Difference to You?


Ever thougth 'What happens if I have a lease car and I don't do the mileage I contracted to do?' Well what usually happens the lease company says 'Thank You'. It means that the Residual Value of the car or van comes back higher than contracted to you.

Well Leasing Plus thought this was unfair. So we decided to do something about it. Even if we have brokered the deal. It is true that we lease on our own book and it is true we hunt for the best deal for you too and that sometiumes means brokering the deal. Whichever way we get a car to you, we promise to offer you a Mileage Rebate.

One customer who runs a fleet took advantage of this and was worried about excess mileage bills. So he examined our figures over estimated the miles his latest fleet of 10 cars would do and ordered 10 vehicles. The rebate worked like this.

Contract 30k over 3 year = 90k miles

Actual Expected = 25k per year

Under Mileage 5000 miles = 15000 miles for the term. 

Rebate agreed 2.1ppm

10 Cars 

= 10 x 15000 x 0.021 = £3150 Mileage Rebate.

But what it does mean is that this customer doesn't have to worry about Excess Mileage Bills. So instead of getting nervous around 25000 each year he can let his fleet drive without a worry or having to swap his driver around to put the lower mileage ones into the higher mileage cars. It was less stress for him.


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