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Cookie Policy


About our cookies

We use cookies to recognise you and remember preferences to enhance the performance of the website.


What is a cookie?

It is a small text file that stores some internet settings. Most websites make use of this technology. The internet browser downloads the cookie when you first visit a website. The next time you visit the website using that same device the cookie and it’s information are sent back the original website, what we call first-party cookies, or to another website it belongs to, what we call third party cookies. This way the website can detect that it has already been opened and may in some case alter the content that it shows.

Some useful cookies improve the user’s experience when they return to a website they have already visited. This is on the assumption that the user is running the device and browser as before; thus, remembering your preferences and know how they use the website and thereby adjusts the content that is shown so they see more relevant information.


Some cookies do not need your approval

These are essential cookies, sometimes referred to as ‘strictly necessary’ cookies. These enable features that without them would mean the website couldn’t run as designed. Leasing Plus Ltd use these exclusively and are known as first party cookies. We only use these whilst you are browsing our website. This type of cookie helps you specify the vehicle you want or change when you change from http to https pages.

Another use of the first party cookie is used to store the decision that was made about the use of cookies on this website.